Voice Changes in Dallas, TX

Saman ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery offers voice change treatment to residents of Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding Texas communities. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Saman combines the most modern techniques in with cutting-edge technology for optimal outcomes for voice problems, or dysphonia.

Dr. Saman currently serves as the Medical Director of Head and Neck Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical Center of Plano

Voice Changes Treatment Overview

Saman ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery has extensive experience in treating voice problems and changes. Dysphonia is the abnormal functioning of the voice, and abnormalities or impairments have to be present in a single or multiple vocal parameter. These vocal parameters can include pitch, loudness, quality, or variability. Smokers and certain occupational groups and artists are at particular risk for this condition, including singers, teachers, and coaches. Many people have the false assumption that this is a speech disorder, but, in fact, this is a disorder of the larynx.

Voice Changes Surgical Technique

Voice changes can happen for a number of different reasons. In order for treatment to be effective, one must consider the possible underlying causes:

  • Vocal abuse
  • Trauma
  • Misuse of the vocal chords
  • Hypothyroidism
  • GERD
  • Neurological conditions, such as MS

These causes can trigger the growth of vocal nodules, vocal polyps, and vocal chord ulcers, which can cause the fluctuations in the voice others are hearing. Those underlying causes can also contribute to laryngitis and carcinoma.

To treat voice problems, Dr. Saman will inspect the vocal folds through an endoscopy, taking a biopsy only when medically necessary. Once he has performed a thorough examination, he will recommend a treatment plan based on the severity and nature of your voice problems. While medication and speech therapy can be helpful tools, sometimes microsurgery is necessary. The goal of the surgery is to remove the abnormal tissue and restore and preserve your natural voice.

Dr. Saman provides voice change treatment to residents of Dallas, Plano, and surrounding Texas communities. If you’re interested in correcting voice problems, look no further than Saman ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Saman is committed to bringing his patients the best in both technology and compassionate care. Click here to learn more about our practice, including our financing and insurance policies. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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