Rhinoplasty Dallas

Dr. Saman’s remarkable expertise in performing rhinoplasty stems from his experience and training in both ENT surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery make him uniquely qualified to perform the most challenging of the cases.


Dr. Saman performs both “open” (external approach) and “closed” (internal approach) rhinoplasties and will customize the treatment plan based on each individual patient’s wishes and anatomy.


Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most common and most challenging of all facial plastic surgery procedures. It can reshape by reducing or augmenting a person’s nose to achieve facial harmony and boost self-confidence. Rhinoplasty may be performed as a reconstructive procedure to correct a birth defect or an injury such as a broken nose.

Rhinoplasty may be performed for functional rather than cosmetic reasons as well. Combining nose reshaping with septoplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery can effectively treat certain breathing problems, such as those caused by a deviated septum.


When you come into the Saman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery for your cosmetic rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Saman will first listen to your wishes and needs to have a clear understanding of your goals. He will then perform a complete examination of the nose including assessing facial angles, nasal skin and cartilage assessment, septum analysis, evaluation of the strength of the nasal valves, and much more. In certain cases, an endoscopic evaluation of the internal nose will be performed for a more detailed analysis of the entire nose.

At this point, your photos will be taken for computer simulation to discuss the finer details of your rhinoplasty. By the end of your consultation you will have a clear idea of what we can offer for you to achieve your cosmetic and functional goals.


Rhinoplasty is an outpatient ambulatory procedure. The procedure itself may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity and the need for obtaining additional grafts. Once the procedure is completed, a nasal cast and splints will be placed. The cast and splints will be removed at your post-operative visit. If your surgery was performed via the external approach, your sutures will be removed on your post-operative visit. Generally, patients are seen at one week and three weeks post-operatively. The most common complaint the first week after surgery is “stuffiness.” This is due to intranasal swelling and subsides. Your face may feel puffy and this swelling will go down as your healing takes place. You will be given detailed surgery instructions at the time of scheduling.

Don’t forget to visit our dedicated rhinoplasty resource, www.planorhinoplasty.com for additional information.

Rhinoplasty videos from RealSelf doctors


The cost of rhinoplasty depends entirely on the patient’s goals and complexity of each particular nose to achieve those goals. The cost is also market-dependent. Fortunately, a new consumer website www.fairhealthconsumer.org has taken much of the guess work out of estimating costs. Their website allows patients to look up cost ranges for medical and dental services (can look up using CPT code, ex. Rhinoplasty is 30410) in their ZIP area. In the Dallas/Plano/Frisco market, rhinoplasty cost can range from $6,000 to $12,000.

Insurance does not cover the cosmetic portions of the case. However, most insurance companies will reimburse patients for part or all of the functional portions of the procedure. We encourage patients to submit their claims to their insurance carriers.

In addition, we offer our patients 6-month zero interest financing as well as other financing options.


Although your cast and taping will be removed during the first few weeks after surgery, the final shape of the nose will take 9 months to a year to settle. During the first year postoperatively, the shape of the nose is constantly changing as swelling moves to various parts until it eventually subsides.

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