Restylane® in Dallas, TX

Saman ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery offers Restylane® to residents of Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding Texas communities. Restylane® smooths out the signs of facial aging and restores skin’s elasticity and firmness. When considering any dermal filler or injectable, trust only the attention and unparalleled expertise of a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Saman.

Restylane® Overview

Restylane® is an effective procedure for individuals who wish to see anti-aging results without the need of incisions, scarring, or anesthesia. Because it is an injectable, Restylane® requires no anesthetic, downtime, or bandages. Restylane® is a filler comprised of hyaluronic acid that can help to alleviate some of your most stubborn wrinkles and fine lines, including laugh lines and crow’s feet.

Restylane® Silk

Restylane® Silk is the thinnest and lightest of the Restylane® family of fillers, which allows it to be placed closest to the surface of the skin. Restylane® Silk is the perfect choice for those who have superficial etched wrinkles that need very precise smoothing. Because it is so pliable, Restylane® Silk is also a great choice for defining and contouring the lips with absolute precision. While Restylane® Silk is very effective, it is the least long lasting of all Restylane® fillers.

Restylane® Lyft

Contrary to Restylane® Silk, Restylane® Lyft is the sturdiest and most long lasting of the Restylane® filler family. This injectable is placed much deeper in the tissue and can add natural-looking volume to the cheeks and chin. This volume can restore a more youthful appearance to the face.

Restylane® Defyne

Restylane® Defyne was specially formulated to treat the most notoriously stubborn lines that form as we age. This hyaluronic acid dermal filler is ideal for filling and smoothing out deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines).

Restylane® Refyne

Restylane® Refyne is the next generation dermal filler composed of hyaluronic acid, which supports the skin while eliminating lines and wrinkles. Restylane® Refyne allows clients to maintain full range of motion in the face, so you can smile, frown, speak, and kiss normally.

If you’re considering Restylane® in the Dallas, TX, area, look no further than Saman ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Saman is committed to bringing his patients the best in both technology and compassionate care. Click here to learn more about our practice, including our financing and insurance policies. For our cosmetic treatments, the consultation fee is $75 and is applied to any surgical procedure booked. Contact us today to schedule your Restylane® consultation!

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