Neck Lift Dallas


Necklift Cost: $5000-$8000 

Neck Liposuction Cost: $2400-3000

Recovery Time: 2-3 weeks

Neck lift is a surgical procedure that reverses the visible signs of aging at the level of the neck and jaw line. During this procedure, Dr. Saman will address the neck by:

  • Removing excess chin and neck fat creating a “double chin”
  • Jowls
  • Neck bands
  • And sagging neck skin,

to achieve a pleasant and youthful neck contour. Neck lift is often combined with a facelift, however it can be performed separately as well. Non-surgical solutions such as Kybella and Ultherapy Skin Treatments may be used to achieve moderate changes, however a true neck lift can only be performed surgically. At the time of your consultation with Dr. Saman, your complete facial analysis will be performed, and all risks and benefits of procedure will be discussed. In addition you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions with Dr. Saman at length. Photos and computer-simulation will be done at the time of preoperative appointment. All procedures are performed at the accredited and state-of-the-art surgical facilities in Plano with the care of board-certified anesthesiologists for highest safety and quality of care.