Skull Base Dallas

skull-baseThe Base of Skull is the framework or bony plates upon which the brain sits. Many nerves exiting the brain and going into the facial structures as well as major blood vessels course through the various openings of the skull base. In addition, the skull base is the anatomic structure that separates the brain from the sinuses, ears, and ears. Therefore infections and tumors of the skull base can directly affects the craniofacial function.

Benign and malignant tumors of the skull base, as well as skull base defects and/or infections may result in untoward outcomes. Many of the common procedures include addressing diseases of the frontal sinus, tumors of the clivus tumors, cranioplasty or skull reshaping, parapharyngeal skull base tumors, defects of skull base resulting in leakage of brain fluid or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), resection of pituitary tumors, and orbital tumors.

Addressing these challenging conditions requires a high level of training and dedication. A high level of intraoperative monitoring including intraoperative neuromonitoring as well as image-guided navigation is utilized to ensure patient safety. Nonetheless, these procedures carry certain innate risks. Dr. Saman’s expertise in both open and endoscopic skull base surgery allows him to address this complex anatomic area safely and effectively. Many of the procedures are performed in conjunction with neurosurgical colleagues skilled in neuro-oncology.

Please remember to bring all imaging (CT, MRI, etc), doctor reports, and if available, pathology reports at your initial consultation.