Brow Lift in Dallas, TX

Brow lifts can improve the positioning of the eyebrow, which revitalizes the face and creates a younger appearance. Dr. Saman offers brow and forehead lift procedures to patients in Dallas, Plano and other nearby areas in Texas.

Dr. Saman currently serves as the Medical Director of Head and Neck Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical Center of Plano

The eyebrow position and shape play important roles in our gender and youthfulness. In men, eyebrows are minimally arched and usually run at the level of the superior orbital rim or the upper bony arch of the eye socket. In women, ideal brow position is a few millimeters above the bony prominent with an arch at the 2/3 point to create a feminine look.

With age, visible changes take place in brow shape and position. The eyebrows descend, sometimes asymmetrically. This descent can make the eyes look small and the upper lids appear full. In mild instances, eyebrow descent can be addressed with nonsurgical means such as Botox® injection, i.e. chemical brow lifting. In more severe cases, a surgical approach may be considered.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure Benefits

In appropriate candidates, most often Dr. Saman will prefer an endoscopic brow lift procedure. This minimally invasive approach, has several advantages over the traditional methods:

  • Small incision
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Less blood loss
  • Decreased anesthesia
  • Shorter healing time
  • No visible scars

How is an Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure Performed?

In an endoscopic brow lift, Dr. Saman makes four small one-inch incisions well hidden in the hair bearing areas of the scalp. He then performs the procedure through these incisions using a small camera and specialized instruments.

What is the Post-Recovery Recommendations After a Brow (Forehead) Lift?

Postoperatively pain is minimal with most patients simply reporting mild discomfort alleviated by pain medication. Patients can usually resume normal activity in only a few days. Some mild bruising and forehead swelling is expected after the procedure and resolves within a few days.

At the time of your consultation with Dr. Saman, your complete facial analysis will be performed, and all risks and benefits of procedure will be discussed. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions with Dr. Saman at length. Photos and computer simulation will be done at the time of preoperative appointment.

All procedures are performed at the accredited and state-of-the-art surgical facilities in Plano with the care of board-certified anesthesiologists and anesthetists for highest safety and quality of care.

To learn more about brow lifts and to determine if the surgery is right for you, contact our office today to learn about important financing information and get answers to your questions. Saman ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery serves the communities of Dallas, Plano and other nearby areas.

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